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Fashion Show Marketing System (FSMS)

Our Fashion Show Marketing System has been used since 1972 with tremendous success.  It has been fine tuned and perfected over the years....and proven to be successful in creating professional, successful events working with non professionals...who have never  been involved in fashion shows. 

  • You will learn a step by step process that takes you from finding prospective fashion show sponsors, to finding models, and marketing your merchandise.
  • We will share our foolproof checklists and a special recipes for success


A MARKETING SYSTEM (not just advertising)

The FSMS is a time-tested marketing system.                                        

Marketing is about:

  •  Positioning in your community
  •  Building customer relationshipos
  •  Creating an image for your company


We are confident  that you will recover the cost of the FASHION SHOW MARKETING SYSTEM within your first few shows...if not the first show.  Plus the fact that you will be booking more and more shows as your fashion show reputation expands.


Newspaper, radio and televison only advertise and sell  merchandise for the moment (if we are fortunate) The investment is risky, at best.  No guaranteed return on your hard earned dollars.  

The FSMS will help to sell You and Your Company for a lifetime....with one investment.

The FSMS Premium System includes:

  • Operating Manual
  • Leather Bound Portfolio
  • Model Training Workshop Video
  • Programming Checklists
  • Free One Hour Phone Consultation


  • Operating Manual
  • Programming checklists
  • Model training video

Success Stories....Testamonials

 TAILORED ANGEL   Westminster, Colorado

Dear Peggy,

You have made our life here at Tailored Angel so easy.  I met with you in April at the Denver show, and it has turned our store around.  I had scheduled a fashion show for 200 women in Mary Kay, and was a bit on edge.  I had the opportunity to hear about your program and thought this was something I should pursue.  I have to admit, at first, I was not going to pay for this program.   However, after talking with you and seeing how organized your program was, I had to invest.  You see, I am not the world's most organized lady.  You can ask my Mother, Susan (my partner), although I get the job done.  This program helped me lay out a floor plan for success. I have many different creative skills that needed organizing. 

Our show was May 12th, and was a huge hit!  The models actually said "this is the most organized show they had ever done".  When I heard that, I about fell off my chair, because you do not know what other things they have seen or done.  Not to mention the store sales improved about 20% after this one show.  We are now booking shows into the Fall and not worried one bit about the turn out.  The worst thing I could have done was not doing the show.  Thank you so much for your interest and support...look forward to many future organized shows. 


Jodi Williams and Susan Zwemke




Success Stories....Testamonials


PEN-E-VENTURES       Designer Clothing and Accessories       Rocky River, Ohio 

Dear Peggy, 

What a great day for me when I read about you in Women's Wear Daily !! The second great day was when I purchased your fashion show program! 

I began my shows with confidence, education, security and eagerness to go, show, and make money! 

My first show and fittings brought comments from the models and the audience on how clearly experienced I was!  This was topped by the fact that I grossed over a week's worth of open store hours from one show!  I was booked for the next show before we left the building.

Your program is fabulous and you are a dear.  Thanks for helping me see the fun and profit in business. 

Bless you.... Penny