The Petunia Patch "Fashion Express"...

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The Petunia Patch Boutique and Maternity... " Fashion Express"..

Petunia Patch is also traveling showroom....delivering great fashion to your doorstep.......give us a call or set up a private consultation

                  Petunia Patch "Fashion Express"..

            Special collections for women on the go!  

The same services you have always known are still in tact....only a mobility

level has been born with more exciting fashion news to come!!!

Fashion Concierge Services available to you:

  • New Seminar...Closet-ology... the science of re imagining your closet (and self image)
  • Private Trunk Showings (Book clubs, Circles, small Garden Clubs) 
  • "Lunch and Learn" Seminars
  • Fashion Events   (We use your members to model, modeling workshop included. all sizes and ages)
  • Fund Raisers, large and small
  • Personal and Corporate shopper
  • Travel Planning (Bring us your itinerary...we do the rest) 
  • Wardrobe Planning (Using Peggy's  3X5 Wardrobing plan = 15 different outfits to wear)
  • Business Dressing Seminars (small businesses and large Corp)
  • Creating Dress Codes for your business needs
  • Closet Makeovers
  • Professional Alterations (Yours and ours) 
  • Layaways  

      Phone:   (904) 928-3333

FASHION EVENTS (See our a seminar or a program for your club, church or business)  We use all sizes and all ages...and we train you...all for free...You just provide the models and location...we do the rest. We also do (fee-based) seminars for business.   


Special thanks to the Jacksonville Chamber......for it's ongoing support of Jacksonville's small business community. There are so many great events. If you haven't joined the Chamber, you are missing out on many opportunities to grow your business.

Thank you to our wonderful Fashion Show/Seminar clients..thanks  to each and every one of you:

  • Jacksonville Garden Club--Thanks for two wonderful events:  A great show in January, and the Blooms Plant Event VIP Night! 
  • Women Business Owners Retreat--Jeanne Maron had an outstanding retreat at Marywood, Thanks Jeanne
  • Trailer Bridge--River City Toastmasters did a sample Toastmaster's Program at this huge facility...loved it all.  
  • Jax Biz Connection--Melissa has wonderful events at the World Golf Village Rennaissance Hotel. 
  • Brookdale Southside--Crissy Westmoreland Young always has many exciting events at Brookdale 
  • Sweetwater--Jenna is having another big multi vendor  event in the Fall, we are always looking forward to participating in her events.
  • Delta Kappa Gamma--Terrye Moseley and Barbara Thompson held a great event at St. John's Cathedral  

Peggy Johnson 

Fashion Shows and Events Calendar

Feel the Fashion Excitement in the Air, as we transition from Spring into Summer ?  With that in mind, I am booking closet makeovers and planning call and get your appointment. 

  • Got a cruise coming up?  Bring us your itinerary....we will put you together and keep your luggage under 50 pounds!  Promise!cool
  • Is it time to hit the Refresh Button on your closet?  Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear? Closet Makeover Special! ($125.00 for a 3 hour session)
  • Just want to DIY? I have a seminar called "Closet-ology" a fresh start for Spring and Summer!
  • Downsizing?  We have a seminar that can get you started !"Downsizing, the new path to Simplifying your Life"   
2019  Fashion Events.....
Booking shows for  Fall  and Holiday 2019 and Spring 2020 grab your calendars, pick your best dates! They are great fund raisers and generate member involvement for churches and clubs.  
August 6th, Tuesday:  Trunk Show,  SPIN meeting on Philips Hgy at Haven Hospice  8:30-10 a.m.
August 14th, WednesdaySPIN Expo, Senior Provider Network, Fashion Show 12:00  Thrasher Aud. 10-2
 August 17th, Saturday:  Camellia at Deerwood, Trunk Show 11=2
August 18th, Sunday:  Thrive Assisted Living, Trunk Show 1:30-4
September 7th, Saturday:  Starling of San Jose, Fall Festival of Fashion Show 1:00 (rescheduled to 9/21)
September 14th, Saturday:  Camellia at Deerwood, Fall Festival of Fashion  2:30
September 18th, Wednesday:  Westminster of St. Augustine, Pack and Travel Seminar 4:00 
September 21st, Saturday:  Starling of San Jose, Fall Festival of Fashion 1:00 show 
September 25th, Wednesday:  Republican Women of Clay County, Fashion Show Luncheon , Club Continental   12:00
September 28th , Saturday: Thrive Assisted Living, Fashion Show 2:30-3:00 family, friends and staff modeling with residents 
October 17th, ThursdayOrange Park Women's Lunch Bunch, fund raiser for Mary Kay Foundation  Holiday Inn 620 Wells Rd. 12:15   
October 17-21st:  Thurs-SundaySouthern Women's Show at Prime Osborne Center ( fashion show details later) 
October 22nd, Tuesday:  Long Time Newcomers Show, noon at Bonefish Grill at Jax Beach
November 2nd, Saturday:  Sweetwater Luxury Community, Vendor shopping and Pack and Travel show 10-2
November 9th, Saturday:  Westminster of St. Augustine, Holiday Happenings Fashion  Show  (time to be announced)
  **We are always looking for models...we carry a  full range from size  4-2X  (including those that are mobility challenged)
Teen Modeling Classes (12-16yrs.) Four 1 hour sessions on modeling, grooming, etiquette, learning your own fashion silhouettes.  $75.00. Held at your clubhouse or facility.  Graduation included.     


Petunia Patch Recipe Corner....

 If you have a favorite recipe to it to us.....we LOVE  great recipes!!!!  We will continue in  2019 with one of our favorites... (We are giving a $10.00 gift certificate for recipes used)  So dig into that cookbook treasury.  

At the request of one of my favorite long standing customers, Debbie Cooper, I am printing my infused water recipe (:)


Easy, but very healthy for continual sipping all year round.

To begin I got a great container at Walmart (also at Big Lots) that is $5.00 and looks like a tall (9" tall  and 2.5" thick) thin ice cube with a spout for easy access.

Fill 3/4 full with your favorite way to filter water (I like Brita, but there are others just as good, I am sure) 

1 med cucumber washed and sliced 

1 lemon (rind removed as it turns bitter with rind on) 

a couple of sprigs of basil and also mint  (do this to taste) Note:  I grow them (but not very successfully) so I buy the fresh packages in produce department and freeze them (to preserve them)

Combine and let sit overnight.  You will be delighted at the fresh taste of this healthy water. 

p.s. Google infused water recipes and you will find soooo many great combos.  I am stuck on this one, however. 

p.s.s. I discovered an additive from Regency Health Foods called Chloroxygen that I add a dropperful to each glass and find it does wonders for the whole system.  (Google that too)

With love and refreshing summer breezes....Peggy J.  

Thank you to all of our wonderful Fashion Show Clients of 2019